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Kids Day 

Maple Valley Family Dental Care treats patients of all ages throughout the year.  For those younger patients that need a little extra incentive we have KID'S DAY!  Every six months for two days (generally a Friday and Saturday) we choose a child friendly theme and celebrate! These activity filled appointments build confidence and trust between your little one and our staff.  You never know if your child will have their teeth cleaned by a Disney favorite, a western cowboy, a 12 or maybe even a minion!  The possibilities are endless!  Your kiddos will love getting extra special attention in our custom photo booth, win a prize and choose some treats to take home.

School Presentations

  February is National Children's Dental Health Month.  Schedule a school presentation to help educate our youth about the importance of oral health.  Our staff makes this presentation interactive and educational.  We love educating our community not only about oral health but about the dental field as a career choice as well!

Sea Kids Day 
Circus Kids Day
 Seahawks Kids Day 
Hollywood Day 
Disney Kids Day